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BuckFax.com | State Record: Fraudulent Record Removed
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BuckFax.com | State Record: Fraudulent Record Removed
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State Record: Fraudulent Record Removed

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The Official Record Keeper of Michigan’s Deer Bear Elk and Turkey

CBM Removes the Current Non-Typical #1 Whitetail Crossbow Entry From the State Record Book as a Fraudulent Entry.

On December 6, 2014 the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan Board of Directors voted to unanimously to remove of the current #1 Michigan Crossbow Non-Typical White-tailed Deer from Michigan’s Big Game Records.

Representatives of Commemorative Bucks of Michigan were contacted with evidence that Mr. Jamie Beattie harvested the record book buck within a game preserve facility at an undisclosed location in Michigan. Thereafter, the trophy buck was entered into CBM’s state record book after the 2012 hunting season by Jamie Beattie of Owosso, Michigan.

CBM currently lists Beattie’s buck as the first place Non-Typical white-tailed deer taken with a crossbow in the state of Michigan.

The official rule is that only Michigan deer, elk, bear and turkey taken legally under fair chase circumstances are eligible for the CBM record book which is designated by state statute as the official big game records of Michigan.

Beattie reported that he took the free ranging buck with a crossbow while hunting in Shiawassee County during the 2012 white-tailed deer hunting season. Beattie signed a CBM score sheet attesting to these facts. The buck in question had a net score of 186 4/8 inches. It was designated as the new Michigan #1 non-typical white-tailed deer taken with a crossbow. Beattie and the buck have been featured in several outdoor publications. The evidence provided to the CBM Board of Directors included pictures of the animal within the preserve and testimony from the game ranch employee that Beattie’s buck was not harvested in a fair chase manner that is consistent with current CBM policy.

Although these operations are not illegal, CBM does not consider hunting in a high-fenced facility as fair chase and has always excluded animals harvested within a game ranch from the record book.

Hunting in high fenced game preserves does not require a hunting license and hunters in high fenced preserves are not required to follow the traditional hunting regulations. High fenced game preserves often operate in much the same way as a livestock business and are subject to regulations by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). The deer are frequently pen raised and are bred for their exceptional antler potential, commercial meat value, manufacture of hunting lures, and the sale of breeding stock that is similar to other agriculturally based operations.

Based upon information provided to CBM regarding Beattie’s unethical actions, officials of CBM initiated immediate action to investigate this matter. According to CBM officials, CBM’s bylaws cover this type of intentional deception and the organization takes these matters very seriously.

The CBM Board of Directors convened on December 6, 2014 to determine the appropriate action for the hunter and buck in question. The CBM Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept the removal of Mr. Beattie’s buck from the CBM Big Game Record Book effective immediately.

CBM, Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and most other fair chase hunting recordkeeping organizations rely on a hunter’s ethics, integrity, sportsmanship, and appropriate conduct regarding hunting behavior and harvest of wild game. Hunters are required to sign a statement, certification, or affidavit attesting to those attributes and qualities prior to the trophy being accepted into the record book. The goal of Michigan’s Big Game Record Book is to celebrate and record the finest examples of Michigan’s big game animals for posterity.

CBM will revise the standings within the Non-Typical White-tailed Deer Crossbow category to reflect the decision of the Board of Directors. The deserving trophy deer will be recognized and the hunter will receive the appropriate awards and considerations associated with having the #1 Non-Typical White-tailed Deer harvested with a crossbow in Michigan.

The new #1 Non-Typical Whitetail Crossbow entry was taken in Monroe County in 2011 by Larry Hensley with a net score of 183 4/8.

The CBM Board of Directors would like to thank all CBM measurers and other individuals for their assistance in helping CBM resolve this matter. If anyone has information regarding any potential record book errors please contact CBM so that the integrity of Michigan’s Big Game Records can be accurately maintained for future generations to enjoy.


Commemorative Bucks of Michigan