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BuckFax.com | Membership
BuckFax.com | Membership
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Members support CBM’s mission to maintain Michigan’s official big game records, maintain a team of trained and certified measurers across the state, conduct yearly competitions to determine the biggest Deer, Bear, Elk, and Turkey taken in Michigan, and provide media outlets with news on noteworthy trophy kills and successful hunters.

Benefits of Membership
In addition to supporting CBM’s mission, members receive free entry of qualifying trophies into the official records, a subscription to CBM’s official online magazine, Buck Fax, a four-color trophy commendation arm patch for those with qualifying entries, an Achievement Certificate suitable for display recognizing hunters with qualifying entries an annual listing showing which counties have the best hunting potential and biggest trophy animals, and a colored CBM window decal for your car or truck.

Types of Membership
There are four types of CBM members: regular members who comprise the majority of members, life members who have purchased a lifetime membership, honorary members designated by the board of directors, and official members comprised of the directors, official measurers, and appointed chairmen of CBM. Regular memberships are a privilege available to all sportsman who support and abide by federal wildlife and Michigan game laws, and accept the purposes and objectives of CBM and agree to support the same. Regular memberships are available for periods of one, two, and five years, payable in advance and renewable.

Becoming a Member
To apply for CBM membership, please fill out the Membership Application or Renewal form available here, and send it and payment of the membership fees to:


Commemorative Bucks of Michigan
P.O. Box 615
Grand Ledge, MI 48837