BuckFax.com | Ken Garver: 2012 Bear – Firearm – 20 3/16
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Ken Garver: 2012 Bear – Firearm – 20 3/16

2012-Bear-Greg Garver-Firearm-20-3-16 I was excited to find out I had finally received a bear permit for 2012 after six years of getting preference points. I wasn’t sure where I was going to hunt. My hunting buddy and partner for over forty years, Ed Jurek said I could hunt on his property. He has 80 acres of swamp surrounded by State Land.
On the first day at 4:00 I was sitting in the blind with my son and all we had to watch were the birds and chipmunks. A little after 6:00 it all changed. We could see a black bear moving about 100 yards away but he never presented me with a good shot so I passed.
I thought at the time that it would be my only chance and I had just missed out on my only chance of taking a bear. That all changed about 50 minutes later when I could see something black moving through the brush and trees.
I knew it was a bear but I couldn’t tell one end from the other. My son had his binoculars on it and said to wait because he was coming out. After about three steps out into the open we knew it was a good one.
It only took one shot from my 300 Weatherby Magnum. The bear went about 40 yards. I couldn’t believe it. I had just shot my first bear and he was a giant.
We took the bear to Ed’s store, Jurek’s Meat & Grocery near Pellston. The bear weighed 420 pounds and has a CBM score of 20-3/16.
I’ve enjoyed many years of fall hunting but this year was special. Along with shooting my bear, both of my sons were there. Added to that my long-time hunting buddy Ed got a beautiful ten point buck. The fall of 2012 was special and will never be forgotten.