BuckFax.com | Jackson Friend: 2010 Deer – Calhoun County – Muzzleloader -159 5/8″
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Jackson Friend: 2010 Deer – Calhoun County – Muzzleloader -159 5/8″

I went hunting with two older brothers and my father on opening day.   We traveled across a local lake in the early morning and headed towards our tree blinds.  I shared a home made tree blind with my dad and waited for daylight to come.  We could hear movement in the crunchy leaves when another hunter shot at 7:05 am, waking everyone up.  We could still hear something crunching in the leaves when a doe came out of the coverage at 7:25 am.  The doe was not very large and we decided not to shoot.  We then saw a larger deer behind the doe and my dad said this deer is large enough.  After a few seconds of considering it was a larger doe my dad said, “It’s a buck, and it’s a nice one.” 
I was searching for my opening as the deer came closer.  I waited for the best shot behind the shoulder, knowing I only had one shot with my muzzle loader.  It was the longest 20-30 seconds I’ve ever waited.  I took my shot from 55 yards and the deer took off running.  The deer ran 45 yards right into a tree.  There was a loud boom and the deer went air born and turned 180 degrees in the air before he fell.  After 25 minutes we checked the deer and found an amazing buck with his horns caught on the tree.  My dad congratulated me and told be to grab the horns where the deer laid so he could get a photograph.  My shot was right through the heart.  “We never saw this deer during bow season, and know this is a once-in-a-lifetime buck.”