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2009 Articles Roy Banaszak What CBM Means to Me

What CBM Means to Me

2009 Articles Roy Banaszak What CBM Means to MeIt all started back in the early 1990’s when I first heard about the Michigan Deer & Turkey Spectacular to be held in Lansing. It was bitter cold in February and I didn’t have anything scheduled for that week-end so I called my hunting buddy, Len Block, and we made plans to go to the show. WOW!! I was amazed when we arrived and saw large deer heads. What a beautiful display of trophy Michigan deer heads.

In all my years of hunting I have yet to see a buck like the ones on the wall while hunting. I must be hunting in the wrong place.

I couldn’t believe how many people were at the show. It was great walking around and talking with some of the outfitters. Then I saw the CBM booth and was very impressed. I talked to a couple of the guys and they explained all about scoring and why we keep records.

One of the men I talked to in great detail was Terry Kemp. What a salesman. Terry told me all the details about CBM and the benefits of becoming a member. He sold me a one year membership, I received some tickets for their drawing and would receive 4 issues of Buck Fax magazine in the course of the upcoming year. I was hooked.

It was in 1995 that I decided to become a Life Member of CBM. I became the 152nd person to make the decision of lifetime support of the organization. I knew that by joining there could become some involvement in the future. Boy, I had no idea how much I would become involved.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I was excited and couldn’t wait to tell all my friends. I was now part of a great organization that would require a lot of my Time, Energy, Dedication and Integrity.

As a member of CBM I would be representing an organization that is recognized by the State of Michigan as the official trophy record keeper of Michigan’s deer, bear, elk and turkeys.

Several years passed when finally my son Jerry and I attended the Michigan Deer and Turkey Spectacular together. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the giant display of trophy deer heads. We decided then and there that attending the show would become an annual affair. This to me was what hunting and CBM were all about, enjoying and sharing the experience.

In 1999 I surprised my son and bought him a life membership in CBM. He became the 289th person to become a life member. Now there were life members from two generations of the family.

Over time the people and faces have changed in the club. We’ve seen several new presidents, vice presidents and board members and yet CBM is still a great organization. Without these changes, different views and ideas CBM would not be what it is today. It was during this time I became an Official Scorer and several years later a Board Member. For my family, CBM is keeping alive our hunting traditions by recording Michigan trophies and where they are taken in Michigan.

During the time we were going to the shows my son got married and had a son of his own named Glenn. At the early age of two Glenn showed great interest in the deer his dad got during that hunting season. At the age of four Glenn also joined us for our annual trip to the Michigan Deer & Turkey Spectacular.

I came up with the thought of surprising my son and grandson with a life membership for Glenn. What a thrill it would be to have three generations of life members. So, in 2003 my grandson Glenn became CBM life member #379. We became the first family to have three generations of CBM life members.

The hunting tradition in our family will continue thanks to CBM. Hopefully, CBM will continue to grow and mature as more and more hunters see the benefits of belonging to CBM.

Surely there will be many more challenges ahead for our club, but this is where my loyalty, dedication and hard work come into play. I believe every hunter that is exposed to what CBM is all about should give some thought to joining and supporting what CBM does.

CBM is all about hunting and hunters and I sincerely hope my contributions will help move the organization forward. As sportsmen and hunters it is important that we carry on the traditions for generations to come.